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Pet Vaccinations in Leesport

Important Prevention from Harmful Diseases

Unfortunately, there are highly contagious and extremely deadly diseases that can harm your pet if he or she catches one. Luckily, vaccinations exist that help prepare your pet’s immune system to fight against various bacteria and viruses that cause such illnesses. In doing so, your pet’s quality of life is improved, and chances are he or she will live much longer. Our vaccine recommendations are tailored to your pet’s individual needs.

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Recommended Vaccinations for Dogs in Leesport

All dogs must be vaccinated for rabies as required by Pennsylvania state law. We also vaccinate all dogs for distemper and parvovirus. Large dogs are vaccinated against Leptospirosis. Because Central Pennsylvania has a very high incidence of Lyme disease, all dogs that are at risk for tick exposure should be vaccinated against it. If your dog does to the dog park, groomers, obedience classes, boarding kennel, etc., we recommend vaccinating against kennel cough and canine influenza as well.

Suggested Vaccinations for Cats in Leesport

All cats must be vaccinated against rabies as required by Pennsylvania state law. All cats in our practice are vaccinated against distemper and upper respiratory viruses. The feline Leukemia virus vaccine may also be recommended.

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Pet parents can trust Leesport Animal Hospital for vaccinations as we prioritize their well-being. With a dedicated and knowledgeable team, our team recommends and administers vaccines based on individual needs, ensuring pets receive optimal protection against common diseases, fostering health and longevity.

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