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Pet Behavioral Consultations in Leesport

Eliminating Inappropriate Behavior

“Why does my otherwise sweet Newfoundland growl at my husband when he comes into a room?”

“Since we moved, my perfectly behaved cat has started urinating on the furniture and floor. What should I do?”

“Our two grown Labrador Retrievers are constantly growling and snapping at our puppy, especially during mealtimes. How can we stop this terrible behavior?”

Pet behavior is a topic of mystery and consternation among many pet owners. Understanding and dealing with problem behavior has been the focus of much research in the veterinary field. At Leesport Animal Hospital, our doctors and nurses can offer insight and answers to many of your questions about your pet’s behavior.

To stop your pet’s bad habits in their tracks, give us a call at (610) 549-1155 or contact us online to schedule an appointment for a behavioral consultation in Leesport.

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