Fecal Breath in Pets

Do you wake up at night wondering what that horrid smell is? You look at your significant other fast asleep and think, ”Wow, what did you eat?” But then…you hear the peaceful sound of snoring coming from the foot of the bed and realize it’s the dog! Laying there on their back, legs spread, mouth wide open, exhaling this putrid smell. Yes, it’s him…his breath!! Your faithful companion that loves to lick your face and even sneak in a french kiss is in fact the source of that putrid smell. If this is you, this month we will change your restless nights of waking up to horrid smells to the sweet smell of mint. Golden retriever dressed in a pink jumpsuit sitting

When a dental is performed, we remove all the plaque and tartar from the teeth with dental instruments and an ultrasonic cleaner. We check the teeth for gingival pockets, fractured teeth, mobile teeth, etc. We perform radiographs, to look for any abnormalities within the teeth. We extract any teeth that need to be removed and polish the teeth. All this helps keep the mouth of your pet healthy, which in return supports overall better health for your pet.

The plaque will start forming on the teeth right after the dental. Here are some recommendations to help fight dental disease once your pet’s teeth have had a dental cleaning. We recommend brushing your pet’s teeth at least 3 times a week, if not every day. Brushing the outer surfaces is sufficient. OraVet chews can be given once a day and will help protect against bacteria that leads to plaque, tartar, and bad breath. T/D is a dental diet that can be given as treats or your pet’s diet. T/D cleans the surface of the teeth as your pet is chewing. We sell all these products here at the hospital.

We are helping promote dental health by offering 20% off of routine dental cleaning through the end of March. Please call our office at 610-926-8866 to schedule an appointment for your pet!