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We never want you to be in a position where you need to choose medical care for your pet or your financial stability, so we’re here to offer advice!We never want you to be in a position where you need to choose medical care for your pet or your financial stability, so we’re here to offer advice!p

The 1-2-3s of Pet Health Insurance

Why is pet health insurance important?

Whether you have a new puppy or a senior cat, pet health insurance is still important. Many people consider their pet a part of their family and as pet parents, you want your pets to receive the best care possible, no matter what. Should your pet unexpectedly get injured or become ill or maybe eat something they weren’t supposed to, we never want you to choose between getting your pet the care he deserves and being financially stable. Pet health insurance gives you financial support and alleviates some of the burden of a high cost vet bill.

What are the benefits of pet health insurance?

• Gives you financial support

• Ensures the best possible care if your pet is sick or hurt without worrying about the cost

• Get up to 90% back on your vet bills

• Many plans and companies to choose from, so you can pick the coverage that is best for you and your pet

• Plans for pets of any age and health

How to choose the right plan:

We know there are many companies to choose from and it can be overwhelming. We’ve narrowed it down to three preferred companies (but feel free to still choose a different one!) that we trust. Click on the different tabs for more information on each company.

Give your pet the best care without worrying about the cost.

Petplan is more than pet insurance – it’s peace of mind. When your pet gets hurt or sick, you want to get them the best possible veterinary care without breaking the bank.

With Petplan by your side, your best friend can get top-dog treatment, and you can trust that claims for your four-legged friend’s unexpected accidents, injuries and illnesses will be reimbursed quickly.

The Coverage

• Hereditary conditions

• Chronic conditions

• Illness/injury vet exam fees

• Hip dysplasia

• Comprehensive periodontal disease

• Prescription medications

• Alternative therapies

Success Stories

Everyone likes to boast about their family, and we’re no exception. Check out some of our incredible family photos of pets who are the picture of health, thanks to Petplan.

  • My dog Raven developed diabetes very rapidly, as a result she also developed an eye condition which was very serious. In essence she was blind in both eyes. I went to a specialist and found that while the one eye would have to be removed... heartbreaking the doctor believed we could save her sight in the one eye . This surgery was very expensive but she had a cataract removed and also a shunt placed so the pressures would stay down. She can see well now out of that eye. I could not have afforded the surgery without knowing that Pet Plan would cover a large portion. Thank you Pet Plan. All the staff have been so helpful and supportive during this stressful time.
    Joy Augustine
  • I never want to second guess healthcare decisions for my four legged family members - two rescues, a dog Lyla and a cat Gracie. They even cover behavioral problems which nobody really covers. Lyla, my now 14 year old Maltese, an ex puppy mill mom who I adopted when she was 8 years old, has battled cancer - if it wasn't for Petplan I would have had no help in dealing with the over 14k between surgery and radiation therapy. She has been cancer free for over three years now - thank you Petplan for helping me do the best for her.
    Lavinia P.
  • Let me just start by saying that insuring our two dogs with Petplan is one the best the decisions we've ever made. Unfortunately for us, our youngest pup, Pumpkin broke her leg, TWICE. It was traumatic for the whole family, especially because she was so tiny... and just too adorable for her own good. Petplan was AMAZING. I really can't emphasize this enough. We'd heard stories about other companies not covering certain procedures or having "very fine print", not Petplan. They were SO HELPFUL and so responsive that we were able to focus on Pumpkin's recovery. This last claim we filed was processed so quickly that we received our check in less than 2 weeks!!! If you are looking for a pet insurance company, I highly recommend Petplan.
    Lisa Gusimat
  • I purchased a policy for my kitten seeing how she was a rescue and I knew nothing about where she came from. A couple of months after we got our kitten (Finnegan)we brought her into our vet as she was acting very lethargic....just not herself. She was diagnosed with a liver shunt. Heartbreaking news! But having PetPlan as our provider gave us security and comfort when dealing with this situation. All the staff was so helpful and understanding. Finnegan went through a huge surgery and is recovering nicely. PetPlan has paid us over $7,000.00 in reimbursements. Between the customer care and the integrity of the claims processing this company is A1. Must have.
    Beth Jenkins

Pet insurance: The smart choice for pets

There are many reasons why more pet parents today are covering their pets with ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. Most of all, they want to make sure they’ll have financial support if their pet is sick or hurt. That way, they can give their pets the best care possible without worrying about the cost.

The Coverage

• Accidents

• Dental Disease

• Behavioral Issues

• Illnesses

• Hereditary Conditions

• Additional: Preventative Care

• Accident-Only Coverage

Success Stories

Everyone likes to boast about their family, and we’re no exception. Check out some of our incredible family photos of pets who are the picture of health, thanks to ASPCA.

  • When my dog was sick, my ASPCA Pet Health Insurance claim was paid quickly, and they called to see how my dog was doing. They even followed up later to make sure we remembered to submit any other bills. That is customer service. I recommend ASPCA Pet Health Insurance to everyone!
    SUSAN P.
  • I'm not one to give praise often, but ASPCA Pet Health Insurance has been a wonderful experience. Absolutely no surprises. Everything was paid as expected and quicker than even my own health insurance provider. It was such a nice surprise to have a company do what they say they’ll do, without any delays or questions. I strongly recommend ASPCA Pet Health Insurance to everyone. I’ll also never go without it for as long as I have a pet. My cat needed surgery, and the cost was almost $1,000. I would have gone ahead with the surgery no matter what, but it sure is nice to be able to take a major event like that and make it less painful.
    DAN K.
  • My husky, Glen, loves to eat socks and small toys. One day he got very sick, and we took him to the emergency animal hospital. He needed to have exploratory surgery to find out what was wrong. The veterinarian discovered that he had a cut in his stomach with a hair in it that was irritating his stomach. This was making him vomit, and he also had a parasite that had survived the deworming medication. A year later, Glen also had torn his CCL and had to have knee surgery. Glen is perfectly fine now, but ASPCA Pet Health Insurance has reimbursed me more than $2,500! It was the best decision of my life, and all of my dogs will have this insurance.
  • My sister’s beloved dog was hit by a car. It was a horrible experience, but she was grateful to have had pet insurance to help with the bills. That made me pause and realize that my two cats weren’t insured. I shopped around and compared plans offered by a couple providers. I decided to buy an ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan that covered accidents and illnesses. My plan also has coverage for chronic conditions. Four months later, I took one of my cats to the vet for a checkup. I pointed out a small bump I’d felt on the tip of her tail. It was biopsied, and I was stunned to hear it was cancer. Our vet amputated a part of my cat’s tail, and now, years later, she’s in good health. I’m grateful that I didn’t have to worry about unexpected veterinary bills at these stressful times.
    JENNY C.

New Puppy or Kitten?

Congratulations on the newest addition to your family! Not sure where to start with your new puppy or kitten or need advice? Take a look at this puppy care guide and kitten care guide. For more information or if you have any questions don’t hesitate to give us a call!